Internal Auditor ISPS Code
This ISPS Code Internal Auditor Training Course is carried out to provide competence to become an Internal Security Auditor as required by the SOLAS 74 Amendment in improving the security system of ships and port facilities.
Rp 10,212,000 10212000.0 IDR
This Company Security Officer Training Course is held in response to the increasing global threat to terrorism, new requirements for the security of ships and port facilities that have been determined.
Rp 10,767,000 10767000.0 IDR
The Port Facility Security Officer Training Course is carried out based on the ISPS Code listed in Chapter XI-2 SOLAS 74.
Rp 10,212,000 10212000.0 IDR
IMO Model Course 3.24 Security Awareness Training For Port Facility Personal with Designated Security Duties
The implementation of the IMO Model Course 3.24 is being carried out to meet the demands of the circular from the Director General of Sea Transportation No. UM.003/17/14/DJPL-15, dated March 16, 2015. This circular requires the implementation of training for port facilities in accordance with the IMO Model Course 3.24 standard.
Rp 2,775,000 2775000.0 IDR
IMO Model Course 3.25 Security Awareness Training for all Port Facility Personnel
The IMO Model Course 3.25: Security Awareness Training For Port All Port Facility Personnel is designed to provide knowledge and awareness to all personnel responsible for security related to the design of port security facilities (PFSP) and to personnel/employees working/operating in the port facility area. This training is essential to carry out their duties in accordance with the requirements of SOLAS 74 Chapter 11-2 and its amendments, ISPS Code, IMDG Code, IMO.ILO Code of Practice on Security in Ports, guidance on IMO MSC.1/Circ.1341, as well as Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 134 of 2016, dated October 27, 2016, on Ship and Port Facility Security Management and Government Regulation No. 31 of 2021 on the Implementation of the Shipping Sector.
Rp 2,775,000 2775000.0 IDR