Internal Auditor ISM Code
This ISM Code Internal Auditor Training Course is conducted to obtain reliable competence for personnel in measuring the implementation of a safety management system (ISM Code).
Rp 10,212,000 10212000.0 IDR
The Designated Person Ashore Training Course is conducted in order to provide an understanding of the ISM Code which regulates how to operate ships safely and protect the environment at sea.
Rp 10,212,000 10212000.0 IDR
Risk Assessment ISM Code
The ISM Code Risk Assessment Training Course is carried out based on the 2010 Amendment to the ISM Code which became effective on July 1, 2010 which requires the implementation of a risk assessment in ship operations.
Rp 7,992,000 7992000.0 IDR
Marine Accident and Investigation
This Marine Accident and Investigation training course will provide knowledge to identify, estimate and control steps for hazards including accident safety investigations and the analysis process.
Rp 9,102,000 9102000.0 IDR
International Maritime Dangerous Goods Training
This code is implemented to provide an understanding of transportation dangerous goods by sea covering ways packing, container traffic and storage, with special reference to the segregation of substances which are it is not in accordance with.
Rp 13,875,000 13875000.0 IDR
Jetty and Loading Master
This training course will provide an understanding that the Jetty & Loading Master both individually and in teams is fully responsible for safety and security in handling ships while in the terminal and carrying out Cargo Loading / Discharging activities.
Rp 9,102,000 9102000.0 IDR
Maritime Cyber Security
The data available shows that cyber security for maritime companies cannot be ignored. The IMO, as the world's maritime organization, also supports the application of cybersecurity in the maritime world by adopting Resolution MSC.428(98). Starting from January 1, 2021, cybersecurity elements are part of the safety management system in accordance with the ISM Code. Therefore, awareness and knowledge of cyber security are important to have at present.
Rp 7,992,000 7992000.0 IDR
Internal Auditor ISPS Code
This ISPS Code Internal Auditor Training Course is carried out to provide competence to become an Internal Security Auditor as required by the SOLAS 74 Amendment in improving the security system of ships and port facilities.
Rp 10,212,000 10212000.0 IDR
This Company Security Officer Training Course is held in response to the increasing global threat to terrorism, new requirements for the security of ships and port facilities that have been determined.
Rp 10,767,000 10767000.0 IDR
The Port Facility Security Officer Training Course is carried out based on the ISPS Code listed in Chapter XI-2 SOLAS 74.
Rp 10,212,000 10212000.0 IDR
IMO Model Course 3.24 Security Awareness Training For Port Facility Personal with Designated Security Duties
The implementation of the IMO Model Course 3.24 is being carried out to meet the demands of the circular from the Director General of Sea Transportation No. UM.003/17/14/DJPL-15, dated March 16, 2015. This circular requires the implementation of training for port facilities in accordance with the IMO Model Course 3.24 standard.
Rp 3,052,500 3052500.0 IDR
IMO Model Course 3.25 Security Awareness Training for all Port Facility Personnel
The IMO Model Course 3.25: Security Awareness Training For Port All Port Facility Personnel is designed to provide knowledge and awareness to all personnel responsible for security related to the design of port security facilities (PFSP) and to personnel/employees working/operating in the port facility area. This training is essential to carry out their duties in accordance with the requirements of SOLAS 74 Chapter 11-2 and its amendments, ISPS Code, IMDG Code, IMO.ILO Code of Practice on Security in Ports, guidance on IMO MSC.1/Circ.1341, as well as Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 134 of 2016, dated October 27, 2016, on Ship and Port Facility Security Management and Government Regulation No. 31 of 2021 on the Implementation of the Shipping Sector.
Rp 2,775,000 2775000.0 IDR
Marine Surveyor
The Marine Surveyor Training Course is here in the face of increasingly competitive business competition, especially in the shipping sector which requires skilled personnel.
Rp 11,100,000 11100000.0 IDR
New Building Supervision
The New Building Supervision training is available to support all parties involved in enhancing the competency of personnel in the construction of new vessels. This training is crucial to ensure that the constructed ships meet the required specifications and regulations set by classification bodies.
Rp 10,212,000 10212000.0 IDR
Marine Superintendent
Marine Superintendent is the spearhead shipping company so that the company can compete in local as well as shipping business International, so it must have knowledge as a Marine Superintendent in order can think smart, efficient and tough in order the company where he works can produce profit for his work.
Rp 11,100,000 11100000.0 IDR
Container Surveyor
The Container Inspector Training Course is held in order to support the implementation of the Verified Gross Weight and Fit for Container inspection policy to support transportation safety in Indonesia.
Rp 10,378,500 10378500.0 IDR
Maritime Labour Convention
The Maritime Labor Convention Training Course provides participants with an understanding of the structure and background as well as the basics of the 2006 Maritime Labor Convention which apply to the maritime industry in the world.
Rp 9,102,000 9102000.0 IDR
Ballast Water Management
Ballast Water Management Training Course is carried out based on the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ballast Water and Ship Sediment adopted by IMO in 2004.
Rp 7,992,000 7992000.0 IDR
Welding Inspector
Training Welding Inspector is here to provide competency development solutions in facing today's increasingly competitive business competition, especially in the field of Human Resource Development (HRD), to improve their qualifications and competitiveness in order to remain competitive.
Rp 22,200,000 22200000.0 IDR
Ship Intact Stability and Ship Damage Stability Calculation
Ship Intact Stability and Ship Damage Stability Calculation training course provides an understanding of the importance of ship stability performance for ship safety and an understanding of ship stability performance when a ship experiences a leak (damage stability).
Rp 9,990,000 9990000.0 IDR