Internal Auditor ISM Code
This ISM Code Internal Auditor Training Course is conducted to obtain reliable competence for personnel in measuring the implementation of a safety management system (ISM Code).
Rp 10,212,000 10212000.0 IDR
The Designated Person Ashore Training Course is conducted in order to provide an understanding of the ISM Code which regulates how to operate ships safely and protect the environment at sea.
Rp 10,212,000 10212000.0 IDR
Risk Assessment ISM Code
The ISM Code Risk Assessment Training Course is carried out based on the 2010 Amendment to the ISM Code which became effective on July 1, 2010 which requires the implementation of a risk assessment in ship operations.
Rp 7,992,000 7992000.0 IDR
Marine Accident and Investigation
This Marine Accident and Investigation training course will provide knowledge to identify, estimate and control steps for hazards including accident safety investigations and the analysis process.
Rp 9,102,000 9102000.0 IDR
International Maritime Dangerous Goods Training
This code is implemented to provide an understanding of transportation dangerous goods by sea covering ways packing, container traffic and storage, with special reference to the segregation of substances which are it is not in accordance with.
Rp 13,875,000 13875000.0 IDR
Jetty and Loading Master
This training course will provide an understanding that the Jetty & Loading Master both individually and in teams is fully responsible for safety and security in handling ships while in the terminal and carrying out Cargo Loading / Discharging activities.
Rp 9,102,000 9102000.0 IDR
Maritime Cyber Security
The data available shows that cyber security for maritime companies cannot be ignored. The IMO, as the world's maritime organization, also supports the application of cybersecurity in the maritime world by adopting Resolution MSC.428(98). Starting from January 1, 2021, cybersecurity elements are part of the safety management system in accordance with the ISM Code. Therefore, awareness and knowledge of cyber security are important to have at present.
Rp 7,992,000 7992000.0 IDR