Marine Surveyor
The Marine Surveyor Training Course is here in the face of increasingly competitive business competition, especially in the shipping sector which requires skilled personnel.
Rp 9,435,000 9435000.0 IDR
New Building Supervision
The New Building Supervision training is available to support all parties involved in enhancing the competency of personnel in the construction of new vessels. This training is crucial to ensure that the constructed ships meet the required specifications and regulations set by classification bodies.
Rp 8,880,000 8880000.0 IDR
Marine Superintendent
Marine Superintendent is the spearhead shipping company so that the company can compete in local as well as shipping business International, so it must have knowledge as a Marine Superintendent in order can think smart, efficient and tough in order the company where he works can produce profit for his work.
Rp 9,435,000 9435000.0 IDR
Container Surveyor
The Container Inspector Training Course is held in order to support the implementation of the Verified Gross Weight and Fit for Container inspection policy to support transportation safety in Indonesia.
Rp 8,880,000 8880000.0 IDR
Welding Inspector
Training Welding Inspector is here to provide competency development solutions in facing today's increasingly competitive business competition, especially in the field of Human Resource Development (HRD), to improve their qualifications and competitiveness in order to remain competitive.
Rp 19,425,000 19425000.0 IDR